Dr. Eric Mayes is a dynamic, transformative and inspiring leadership consultant, speaker and coach.  An educator that has studied at the best institutions of learning on the planet, Dr. Mayes works as a Professor at Johns Hopkins University training global leaders to solve some of the most pressing challenges of our time, while serving as the Defensive Line Coach for Johns Hopkins' 7-time conference championship football team. 

As a former college student-athlete, at the University of Michigan, Dr. Mayes made history by advancing from a walk-on, non-scholarship player to Co-Captain of the 1997 National Championship Football Team.  As an international researcher, Dr. Mayes has spent time working and living in South America and Africa.

Dr. Mayes draws on his wealth of knowledge and experience to create inspiring, thought provoking and informative keynotes, consultations and trainings. 

A graduate of Harvard, Howard and Michigan, Dr. Mayes' unique background and experience gives him unmatched perspective and invaluable insight to inspire people to actualize their potential and fulfill their goals.